We have lift off! Its so exciting to be able to present a video company which embodies everything that matters to me. Fed up with corporate video and making films about topics that did not move me, I decided to embark on a project with real meaning. 

The Shoot Collective

Art - The idea is to show how amazing art is made, learn about the meaning of that art through interviewing the artist, create discussions in the art arena and cause a disturbance through communicating new ideas to the viewer.

Interiors - Instead of seeing lush and fresh ideas for interior design through print, lets get the atmosphere of those spaces in video form. Create space and ambience with the use of cinematic techniques and make the viewer feel more connected with that space by watching the film. This works on an artistic and commercial level with interior design, but it also helps sell spaces like restaurants and hotels where by watching an atmospheric and beautiful film of the interior will naturally make the viewer want to go there.

Culture - Such a broad term, but video plays such an important role in the understanding of culture. On the one side, communication of cultural ideals across perceived boundaries - helping different cultures understand each other as a means of reducing conflict and tension. That is not just between different countries, but within our own country too. And secondly, by making films of different lands and cultures through travel documentation we can bring an element of them to any screen and enrich our lives through this journey.

- Head of Atmosphere