Portfolio of Recent freelance Video Productions

Hammer the Feather is Claire Ireland, ceramic sculptor's response to the
London Museum of Water and Steam
the place, the building and its collection




Olde World door and Sunshine Glass is a wonderful example of how a creative and talented mind can develop a small family business into a thriving restoration studio. Founder Adrian Kennedy explains his love for wood and shows us what he does.



Filming this modest residence was a treat. It really was an insight into how the other side live. Rumoured to have been inhabited by some rather famous people in the past, we had to take a moment to close our eyes and dream.

James Golding is the young and inspiring Chef director at The Pig Hotel. He takes us on a tour of the beautiful restaurant and gardens where sustainability an a 20 mile menu is key to their philosophy. 

It was an honour to be contacted by English Heritage to produce a short film about The Cleaning of The Quadriga. The sheer size of it was breathtaking and then to be one of the few people able to climb to the top and see the restoration in process was just fantastic.

The London College of Style always chooses amazing venues for their editorial shoots and this renaissance themed one went so well at the opulent Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill Gate.

Anna produces Luminary, an early colour and trend concept bible that kickstarts seasonal concept inspiration. Alongside colour, it offers key theme directions, macro lifestyle trends, and insight into the coming season. Distributed worldwide, the book is hand made in the UK and limited edition.

Charlotte is the founder of Head of House designs. She is a mask maker and currently creating the first ever female cyborg. she is also an ambassador for female empowerment with Round Table. A real Inspiration all around.

Tania Brown is a goddess Yoga teacher and her scruffy and gorgeous dog Ziggy goes everywhere with her. In this short film she gives an insight into her life.